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Started as a certified bali yoga school focused in yoga teacher training and yoga retreats, we look forward to having our own eco accommodation and healthy restaurant to create the biggest eco resort in Bali who will embrace eco community and diffable community.

In Sanskrit, Parahita means “benefit of the common man”, as Alam means nature and Bali is a place where we started, altogether it means for the benefit of people and nature started in Bali.

Built in 2018 is our starting year, we are targeting to achive our goals to be the biggest eco resort by 2025

Located in the beautiful islands of Bali, Parahita Yoga is the top destination for students aspiring to become yoga instructors from all over the world. We offer 200hour yoga teacher trainings in Bali every month all over the years. Being one of the most dynamic and successful yoga teacher training course in Bali, we continue improving the projects to coordinate our best quality to certify the best yoga instructors in the universal yoga industry.

We are proud as a certified Bali Yoga School, to offer the highest quality of instructing and imparting our enthusiasm in yoga to our students, we accentuate on the best possible pose, breathing tehnique and morals of educating and practicing yoga.

Parahita Yoga programs explicitly oblige the individual needs of every students. Parahita Yoga Teachers will gives constructive direction and instruments to each student in how to discover their self journey discovery.

We are honor to be a piece of such a significant number of students yoga expericence and ceaselessly endeavor to pass on the light and astuteness of the Ashtanga tradition, Vinyasa flow and traditional Hatha by spreading the energy and information on yoga to other people.

  • To inspire people to do good to others
  • To inspire people to get closer to the nature
  • To help eco and diffable communities to grow by COMMITTING WHOLEHEARTEDLY to OUR VALUES
  • To open mind and share knowledge to develop the people around us
  • Nourish eco-friendly and healthy demonstration speech topics culture for the people of Parahita and others
  • To nurture economic values of each individual who walks with us
  • To engage with communities to build eco-friendly environment and society
  • To make better environment for the future without harming the mother nature

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Parahita Yoga Teacher Training Schedule in Gianyar

  • Oct 05th – 29th 2020
  • Nov 02nd – 26th 2020
  • Dec 01st – 25th 2020
  • JAN 04th – 28th 2021
  • FEB 01st – 25th 2021
  • MAR 01st – 25th 2021
  • APR 05th – 29th 2021
  • MAY 03rd – 27th 2021
  • JUN 01st – 25th 2021
  • JUL 05th – 29th 2021
  • AUG 02nd – 26th 2021
  • SEP 06th – 30th 2021
  • OCT 04th – 28th 2021
  • NOV 01st – 25th 2021
  • DEC 06th – 30th 2021

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Calm and peaceful location at Bona Village Inn and Parahita Villas


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